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Peace Blend

Merlin's Magic Calming Potion (for dogs)

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A beautiful blend of essential oils to help your dog calm down so everyone can relax.

This product was designed by my beloved dog Merlin. We adopted Merlin when he was a year old. He had suffered from severe emotional and physical abuse. The veterinarian who worked on him said his body was so abused you would have thought he was hit by a car. Merlin chose these essential oils to help him through his recovery and acclimate into our lives. Merlin filled our house with love and laughter for 11 years. In his memory, I am sharing his oils with you and all dogs. Merlin would be honored to know that his remedy has helped so many dogs.

“TQ is 15 years old and very set in his ways. He has never been on a plane before or to an airport. Amazingly, he did not shake when he went through security and spent several hours in an international airport. People were asking me if he was sedated and when I said no they would ask how did I train him so well. My response, “Merlin's Magic Calming Potion!” ~ Amy

Ingredients: Vetiver, Grapefruit, Frankincense Ylang Ylang Extra, Roman Chamomile in a base of Water, Apricot Kernal Oil, Dispersa (an all natural emulsifier containing vitamin C and E).

Comes in a 2 oz spray bottle.

Jennifer Polishook
We have the most wonderful young GSD who is good-natured in all aspects of his life except when it comes to the cats. He chases them. And to be quite fair to him, they egg him on. One cat in particular, Merlin, hates everybody he meets quite equally. And despite essential oils not being for cats, I just had to purchase this spray. "Merlin's Magic Calming Potion" - for our crazy, mean-spirited, diablo-cat Merlin. So I've sprayed this potion on our bed where Merlin sleeps. And on the dog. And on me. Quite frankly, I think the entire house has become calm. I'm laughing more, even at things that would normally drive me crazy. The dog is showing less interest in chasing the cats. And Merlin is actually seeking out attention. And not biting the hand that pets him. He only hisses at the dog a little bit now, which is a vast improvement over trying to rip poor Bullet to shreds. So although this product is advertised for dogs, I've found that it helps everybody. A little bit goes a long way tow