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With spring comes the rebirth of our plant friends and one plant I anticipate the most is the rose. I always discover the plant of the year by noticing what people and animals are drawn towards. This year it appears to be rose. It is the symbol of love in many cultures and I feel this is appropriate for 2012.

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Rose – Rosa centifolia</b>

Rose is one of our most familiar symbols of love. The birthplace of the cultivated rose is believed to have been in ancient Persia. Today roses are cultivated in Morocco, Tunisia, Italy, France, Yugoslavia and China. There are over 10,000 types of cultivated roses and only 100 wild roses or so-called species roses. Rose essential oilcomes from a hybrid between rosa centifolia and rosa gallica, known as “the Apothecary’s Rose.” Another rose cultivated for its oil is the Turkish or Bulgarian Rose, rosa damascena.

Rose essential oil is helpful for dry skin, rashes, broken capillaries and mature and sensitive skin. This fragrant oil helps with poor circulation, feelings of depression, nervous tension and headaches. The rose petals also offer medicinal properties; roses that yield a deep red petal color are said to be the most effective. Rose petals in tea can help strengthen properties the stomach, heart and liver, but aside from any therapeutic affects, I just enjoy their delicate fragrance and flavor. Another gift the rose gives is its fruit (hips), which are collected in autumn after a hard frost. The hips are rich in Vitamin C, and function as a mild laxative and mild diuretic.

Our Welsh-Cob pony Maynard really responds to rose essential oil when he is feeling stress or has some minor body ache. Our dog Merlin, whom we rescued from a ve

ry abusive situation, loved the smell of rose essential oil and having it massaged on him. Rose had such a soothing effect on him during his transitioning into his new life at our home. It is a beautiful plant for both humans and animals.

As Marguerite Maury, author of “A Guide to Aromatherapy,” so elegantly states, “But the Rose procures us one thing above all: a feeling of well being, even of happiness, and the individual under its influence will develop an amiable tolerance.”

<i>This is general information regarding rose, and rose essential oil. We encourage you to learn more about rose through research and see how it can benefit your life. Thanks!</i>

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