The Amazing Linden Tree and It’s Blossoms

Linden Tree (Tilia):

This magnificent tree is a bountiful source of nectar for honey bees linden_american01and bumble bees. It produces beautiful leaves and flowers that are used for medicinal purposes.

The Linden tree is considered a symbol of healing, peace and love. In mythology it is association with the greek goddess Philyra (philia is the greek word for love). In Norse mythology it is associated with the goddesses Freya (the warrior goddess) and Frigga (the goddess of love, marriage and destiny). Historically the linden became a symbol of freedom in France and Switzerland.

img_0523The young spring leaves and flowers have a long history of use as a medicinal herb. They can be used for tension, insomnia, heart tonic and clear congested sinus. I love this tree and all it as to offer.

My three Lilindenharvestnden trees were very productive this year. I managed to harvest enough to make tinctures, liqueurs and dry the heart shaped leaves and flower for future tea making. When I was harvesting from the trees a tea recipe came to me using the linden flowers and leaves.

I call it “A Tea for The Heart”.

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