Wild Rose Blossom Honey


Wild roses (Rosa species) are in full bloom. The Wood rose (Rosa woodsii) is one of the most common species in the West. The smell and beauty of these delicate roses is intoxicating and their petals make the best “Rose Blossom Honey”. (see recipe below)

In addition to wild rose’s uplifting fragrance, its petals are mildly astringent offering a soothing effect when applied to insect bites or minor injuries. The leaves, the bark from the twigs and the root bark also offer astringent, nutritive, diuretic and vulnerary properties—to varying degrees. And, let us not forget the rose hips this plant provides us in the fall.  Rose hips not only taste wonderful, they are rich in Vitamin C.

Go take a walk in nature, find a wild rose plant, gather its lovely petals and make some “wild rose blossom honey”. You will be glad you did. (Hint: they like to grow in moist soils, irrigation ditches, and dense thickets along trail paths.)

Wild Rose Blossom Honey Recipe

You will Need:

4oz or 8oz glass jar

Local Honey

Fresh Rose Petals

Gather the rose petals by gently cupping your fingers over the petals. Next, glide your fingers over the petals. The petals that come off are the ones you will add to your jar of honey. Try not to pull them off just let them fall into your hands. Leave behind the stigma and the filament so the bees can continue to pollinate and a rose hip can emerge.


How to create your “Wild Rose Blossom Honey”

Place your rose petals on a white cloth and give any bugs on them
a chance to leave.

Fill the jar half full with the rose petals.

Fill the jar with the honey.

Push petals into the honey with a wooden spoon
(sometimes I use a wooden chopstick).

Place in a warm sunny spot—so the honey can heat up and stay warm—for 4 to 6 weeks.

Every day turn your jar up and down a few times so the honey
can mix in well with the blossoms.

Enjoy your honey!
(You can leave the rose petals in the honey.)


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