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Mandarin (Citrus reticulata)


Individual Consultations

Individual consultations result in a custom blend of essential oils designed specifically for you or your animal, whether the need is cosmetic or health-related. As our specialty, this is by far the most precise and effective method to determine which oils you or your animal requires in order to create a mixture tailored to those particular needs. Consultations incorporate the methods of Applied Kinesiology (to find the imbalances of the energy flow to specific organs of the body), and Traditional Chinese Medicine (to determine what these imbalances might signify). The beauty of this hands-on process is that it eliminates any guesswork, which might result in unnecessary expenses, and instead provides a fine-tuned, customized treatment.

Please contact us for pricing, thank you.

Consultation Contact Info

Consultations can be done long distance.

Telephone: 303.973.8848 or 877.973.8848
Fax: 303.973.7106
Littleton, Colorado