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Carrot Seed (Daucus carota)


"Why do I want to teach?"

My love for the outdoors takes me on explorations of the dense woods and open fields, where I examine and appreciate all the plants I encounter. This love inspired me to create my own major in college - Journalism and Environmental Science. It became my passion to learn and write about the environment and to inform people about what was happening to our planet. I created my own newsletter called “One Earth,” which I distributed wherever I could — in train stations, grocery stores, and coffee shops.

When I moved to New York City I discovered the healing powers of plants. Suffering from an uncontrollable and undiagnosable skin condition, I met an herbalist in the West Village who suggested that I take some herbal supplements, change my diet, eat organic foods, and take time to relax every day. After incorporating this advice into my life, I started to heal on the inside and my skin condition stopped progressing, but the damage to my skin was still there. I then discovered the healing properties of essential oils and created an ointment that healed my skin. I was hooked on the plants, and this experience expanded my love for the environment and the earth.

During this time my horse Pete was also suffering from a skin condition and I created an essential oil blend to ease his symptoms. It was my first product — it worked to heal Pete’s skin, and I named it Pete’s Equine Remedy. That’s how my company FrogWorks was born. This new-found passion of working with plants melded with another passion of mine — working for the benefit of animals.

After creating many products, years of studying with master herbalists and essential oil specialists, and countless visits into the woods and fields studying plants, I am inspired to teach. I want to share what I have learned from these master teachers and give you the tools to work with the plants. Plants not only heal the physical body but they heal our souls.

"I am just a girl who loves the earth." ~ Frances

"FrogWorks' mission is to provide people and animals with high quality plant and essential oil products and treatments. It is our goal to educate people how to safely and effectively use essential oils and plants for the benefit of you and your animals."