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Working with Plants and Essential Oils for You and Your Animals
March 3, Saturday
April 4, Saturday
June 2, Saturday
October 13, Saturday
November 10, Saturday

10:00 – 4:30 pm

Cost $190.00

Working With The Plants - Three Individual Learning Experiences
June 23, Saturday
September 29, Saturday

9:30 – 4:30pm

Cost: $125.00 - each class

Working Plants and Essential Oils for You and Your Animals - Three day workshop
July 20, 21 & 22

9:30 – 4:30pm

Cost $500.00

Winter Health Workshop
November 3th, Saturday

10:00 – 3:00 pm (sometimes till 3:30)

Cost $65.00

2018 Class Schedule

After creating many products, years of studying with master herbalists and essential oil specialists, and countless visits into the woods and fields studying plants, I am inspired to teach. I want to share what I have learned from these master teachers and give you the tools to work with the plants. Plants not only heal the physical body but they heal our souls.

My goal is to give you a foundation of knowledge so you can work with plants and essential oils to benefit you and your animals.

Some of the best healing can come from working or sitting in a garden. I go to my garden and work with the plants to get rejuvenated. I sit with my essential oils and let their aromas infuse my senses; I am at peace.

When I walk in the woods and fields during the winter trying to identify the plants in their dormant phases, I whisper to them, "Looking forward to seeing you in spring," just as I look forward to you joining me for classes this spring. ~ Frances

Working with Plants and Essential Oils for You and Your Animals

Come and learn the basic principles of the art and science of essential oils and how to work with animals using essential oils.

In this class you will learn:
  • Essential Oils: Medicinal and Therapeutic qualities
  • Methods of application: inhalation and topical
  • Basic Chemistry of essential oils and safety
  • Intro to Applied Kinesiology for deciding the correct oils for animals
  • Dosage, application
  • How to present the oils to animals – you learn how to understand what the animal wants
  • You will receive the 195 page course book "Working with Plants and Essential Oils for You and Your Animals - Essential Oils Course"
Location: Kaeru Studio - Littleton, Colorado

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Working With The Plants - Divided Into Two Learning Experiences - Packed with hands-on work with the plants to help satisfy all your botanical desires.

Each class you will discover new plants and essential oils. You can choose to take one class or both classes.

My goal is to give you the basics and guide you along the way to the relationship you wish to have with the plants. Maybe you will be the neighborhood herbalist or want to take your studies into a specific area such as woman’s health, men’s health, animal health, shamanism, traditional chinese medicine, or product creation.

I want you to learn the beauty of the plants. I want you to see how they can enhance your everyday life by making your medicines, finding comfort sitting or working in a garden. I hope you will notice all the plants around you and feel their energy when you are walking in nature. Plants bring peace to our lives, and they are very medicinal. I hope to enhance your connection to mother earth and teach you to help her keep the plants healthy so they can keep us healthy.

By enhancing your connection to the earth, we can protect our environment and keep the plants as a vital source in our lives.

Class One - June 23:
  • Starts in the garden enjoying an herbal walk and harvesting plants. You will learn how to dry these herbs for your personal “herbal medicine cabinet”, make fresh herbal tinctures and oils with the following solvents: alcohol (i.e., brandy), vinegar, honey, glycerine, almond oil… What you will enjoy during this class: creating an herbal tea (tisane) and learn when to decoct or infuse a tisane, create a hand cream and salt scrub using essential oils and learn how to make herbal tinctures from dried herbs.

Class Two - September 29:
  • We will discuss herbs and roots that will support you throughout the winter and into early spring. In this class, you will learn how to harvest a root from the garden and make a root tincture from it. You will also create a cleansing essential oil room spray. (This is a great prep class for our Winter Health Workshop on November 4th.)

Come and learn from the plants: They have so much to teach you.

Location: Kaeru Studio - Littleton, Colorado

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Working with Essential Oils and Plants for You and Your Animals - Three Day Workshop

Have you ever wondered:

What is an essential oil?
What can I do with the herbs in my garden?
How can plants and essential oils enrich my life?

I invite you to come and study the art and science of essential oils and plants. Learn how to integrate them into your's and your animal's lives. The oils and plants have so much to teach us.

During this hands-on three day workshop we will learn:
  • Medicinal and therapeutic qualities of plants and essential oils.
  • The basics of herbal and essential oil safety.
  • Methods of application and use of essential oils and plants.
  • Zoopharmacognosy: the process by which animals self-medicate
  • How to work with animals using essential oils and plants.
  • Make herbal tinctures, herbal teas (tisanes) understand when to decoct or infuse a tisane
  • Make infused oil with plants.
  • Make salves and creams.
  • Cook with herbs, create herbal edibles and drinks.
  • We will end our three days together creating a ceremony using plants and essential oils. This will teach you how to use them in your personal healing practice for you and your animals. Ceremonies can be performed during the passing of a loved one, in times of illness or health, and times of celebration. A great way to celebrate our three days together and honor what we have learned.
Location: Kaeru Studio - Littleton, Colorado

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Winter Health Workshop

Start saving your jars, sharpen your paring knives and get ready to make some winter health herbal medicines.

Come work with the plants and essential oils that will help you and your family through the winter months. This class is hands-on. In this workshop we will make plant-based herbal tonics such as a sore throat and cough spray, Rosemary Gladstar's famous "Fire Cider", yummy teas, and an essential oil healing room spray. And, much, much more! This year we are making the medicinal elderberry syrup with "fresh elderberries". So come, create and have fun in a community type environment while making your "herbal medicines”.

If you have never taken this workshop we highly recommend taking the third class in our "Working With The Plants" series. You will learn about all the plants we will be working with in the Winter Health Workshop. It is not required but it will give you a good knowledge base.

Location: Kaeru Studio - Littleton, Colorado
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Classes are located at Kaeru Studio in Littleton, Colorado - unless otherwise stated.

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