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Healing Gel

Healing Gel

We just wanted to let you how great the healing gel has worked on our dog, Abby. She is a yellow lab and as a typical lab she has ear problems. With her last infection she flapped so much she gave herself a hematoma. She saw the vet a few times to have it drained and it continued to fill back up, our next option was surgery. Not really wanting to do that I found Frances. She recommended Healing Gel. We tried it twice a day for a week and saw a noticeable difference in her hematoma. It started out an inch thick and two inches long, now it just at the very tip of her earflap and very little left. We will continue to use the healing gel and are very pleased as well as our Vet who was amazed at the results. This was a great find for us. I would highly recommend it for any one. Thank you Frances!
Testimonial By: Annonymous