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Jake’s Canine Remedy & Garth’s Canine Sneezing Remedy 

Jake’s Canine Remedy & Garth’s Canine Sneezing Remedy 

Louise had a very bad ear infection. I was unaware of how bad because there was no smell. Her ear continue to itch, she continued to scratch. The ear and earflap became red as a tomato. She did have yeast and bacteria. The doc sent home some ointment, which was to be used with an ear flush. Louise hates having her ears cleaned. I called Frances hoping she’d have something to help. Frances suggested I flush the ear with Jake’s Canine Remedy. It was a miracle on many counts. Louise was willing to have me put it in her ear. And when I was done, Louise put her paws on my shoulders and kissed my face!! But the most amazing thing - within 2 hours Louise’s ear was almost her natural pink. I continued to use Jake’s Canine Remedy for a few more days and her ears were back to their healthy state, never having to use the prescribed ointment again. Every morning Louise lets me check her ears and thanks me with a big kiss. Now I’m spraying it in her front paws to alleviate an itch and keep her from chewing on her paws. This stuff is awesome!!

The Garth's Canine Sneezing Remedy is fabulous. When she's having bad allergy days, she will wake up with a thick coating in her eye, which I remove with a kleenex. I use the Garth’s Canine Sneezing Remedy and her eyes remain clear all day. If I also apply before bed, she doesn't wake up with as much stuff - far less, only in the corner of her eye. So I am 100% sold on the effectiveness of this product for eye relief when allergies are in the air. I'm so glad to not have to put a steroid in her eye.
Testimonial By: Annonymous