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Ruby's Equine Fly Spray

Ruby's Equine Fly Spray

We moved from Littleton to West-Central Wyoming in December of 2009. Last summer, my TB mare, L.A had horrible reactions to the bugs/flys here, so much so that the vet put her on a 10 day regimen of Dex injections. Not wanting to have to do that again this summer, and after using every fly spray on the market with no success, and trying those 'home' remedies, we tried Ruby's Equine Fly Spray and it works GREAT. My mare would get huge hives on her body from the bug bites, and she also became quite sensitive to most of the commercial sprays. With Ruby's, I can use it 2-3 times a day---no reaction, it really does repel, & it smells good! Plus, it is so nice not to have to use all of those scary harsh chemicals....thanks, Frances! It's like it was custom made for L.A
Testimonial By: Annonymous