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Sophie's Feline Remedy

Sophie's Feline Remedy

Sophie’s Feline Remedy has improved the overall health of my three cats. The first time I tested Sophie’s Feline Remedy was on my oldest cat, Spoo. Spoo had a bad fungal infection in both ears. He was constantly scratching his inner and out ear canals to the point where they would bleed. He had been treated by vet and I still had to clean his ears every other day. At one point his ears were scratched so badly he had to wear a cone.

After trying a couple of applications of Sophie’s Feline Remedy, I saw a dramatic improvement. Now I use Sophie’s regularly and the fungal infection has disappeared.

Thank you so much for this wonderful product – my cats are now much more comfortable and I use the treatment on any skin irritation my cats might develop.
Testimonial By: Annonymous