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Hi everyone! We are now entering the months of autumn, the time of year when we say good-bye to the sun. In our autumn celebration we spotlight Vetiver as this month’s Plant Feature and we feature the autumnal equinox in our What Is column. Receive 10% off this Autumn issue’s featured products for animals and humans.

Our Root Women Class was quite the success this past September 22. We celebrated ourselves, the autumn equinox and harvest time by making beautiful root women and lots of wonderful herbal products. We will be repeating this fantastic event next year, hope to see you there. Check out the fun “Root Women” photos at the end of this newsletter. We are offering a variety of classes and events this autumn, so “hurry up” and “sign up” for our classes!

Thank you all for continuing to support Kaeru Studio and FrogWorks and for sharing it with your friends. We truly appreciate your interest in and satisfaction with our classes, our products and our unique and beneficial consultations.

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What Is

Garth' Sneezing
Facial Mist

Garth’s Sneezing Remedy
(canine remedy)

This product helps dogs with sneezing, reversed sneezing and allergies.

Facial Mist
A great product to refresh with after you have been gardening or working out. This product helps to replenish you and your skin.

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Vetiver - Vetiveria zizanoides

This tall, tufted, scented grass has a straight stem, long narrow leaves and an abundant lacework of underground white rootlets. It is a perennial native to south India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka and is also cultivated in Reunion, the Philippines and West and South America. The dark-brown, olive or amber essential oil is steam-distilled from the roots and the rootlets. Although the oil is mainly produced in Java, Haiti and Reunion, some is distilled in Europe and the United States.

Since antiquity the rootlets have been used in the East for their fine fragrance. Vetiver essential oil imparts a sense of tranquility and peace. I find it to be deeply relaxing and a perfect oil to help one settle into the autumn season. This essential oil is also helpful with arthritis, muscular aches and pains, and stiffness. It also helps with acne and oily skin. Of this oil’s many benefits, my personal favorites are its grounding properties of tranquility and peace.

This is general information regarding vetiver and vetiver essential oil. We encourage you to learn more about vetiver through research and see how it can benefit your life. You can purchase essential oils through FrogWorks. (Essential oils are not on our website - please call or email) Thanks!


This year the autumnal equinox was officially celebrated on September 23. The autumnal equinox is the second time in the calendar year that day and night are of equal lengths, the first being the spring/vernal equinox. You will now notice that the nights are getting longer and the days are getting shorter. It is a time when the sun goes into the earth only to return on the winter solstice when the days again become longer and the nights shorter.

In many traditions, autumn is regarded as a time for reckoning and balance. It is time for reflection, a time to honor our family and friends or remember those who are no longer with us. It is also, of course, a time to celebrate the harvest season and be grateful for the earth’s abundance. Some traditions consider the autumnal equinox the end of one year and the beginning of another.

When harvest season draws to a close, societies reflect on the work they have accomplished, as they lay down their stores for winter and many celebrations are enjoyed. The autumnal equinox signals a return of the cooler weather that favors slowing down, introspection and conversation. So enjoy this time of year, by taking it easy, reflecting and finding time for family and friends.

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All FrogWorks' classes & events are held at Kaeru Studio - A Place to Rejuvenate. Kaeru Studio is an intimate, early 1900s building nestled between Roxborough State Park and Sharp Tail Ridge Open Space. This quiet location has rooms available for anyone interested in renting space to practice massage, acupuncture, yoga, and other healing arts or for evening and weekend workshops. It is also the home of FrogWorks, Inc.

The Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage (RMSAAM) offers state-licensed, occupational programs in large and small animal acupressure and massage. Programs include Canine Sports Massage, Canine Therapeutic Massage, Equine Sports Massage, and Large and Small Animal Acupressure.  Their summer series will be held at Kaeru Studio:

For a full schedule go to

Equine and Canine Massage October 12-18
Canine Massage October 24-27
Equine Massage November 5-9

Basic Aromatherapy and Working with Animals October 6, Saturday 10:00 – 4:00 pm

Come and learn the basic principles of the art and science of essential oils and how to work with animals using essential oils. In this class you will learn:

  • Essential Oils: Medicinal and therapeutic qualities
  • Methods of application: Inhalation and topical
  • Basic chemistry of essential oils and safety
  • Make a personal product to take home
  • The basics of applied kinesiology for deciding the correct oils for animals
  • How to present the oils to animals
  • Dosage, application

Cost: $85.00 (includes a light lunch) with Frances Cleveland

Crossing the Bridge: Healing the loss of an animal companion October 20, Saturday 10:00 – 4:00 pm

The loss of an animal companion can be one of the most painful and difficult experiences that we face. Grief is a normal emotional response to loss; however, the loss of an animal is often not given the same attention or significance in our society as the loss of a human loved one. In this workshop we will hold space for the process of grief and honor the special bond you shared with your animal.

Grief is an emotion that is meant to move, shift and transform, not to be repressed or denied. This workshop, set near beautiful Roxborough Park, will help move the energy of this emotion in a holistic approach, attending to mind, body and spirit. Guided by international aromatherapist Frances Cleveland and deep-listening coach Janet Fiorenzo, you will:

  • Experience the power of ancient healing essential oils, plants and ceremony to help with the grief process
  • Learn to be fully present in this experience through mindful listening, reflection and writing exercises (assisted by Reiki Master/trainer Shelley Sheets)
  • Share wisdom from our spirits and from our connections with our beloved animals (assisted by animal communicator Rebecca Blackbyrd)
  • Create a memorial in remembrance
  • Celebrate the lives of our special friends
Cost: $80.00 (includes lunch and materials)
With: Frances Cleveland & Janet Fiorenzo

Winter Health
November 3rd, Saturday 10:00 – 2:00 pm

You will learn about the essential oils and plants that help you through the winter months on a mental and physical level.  This class is mostly hands-on.  We will be making lots of herbal tonics and an essential oil mental health remedy. So be prepared to create and have fun in a community environment.

Cost $60.00 (snack provided)
with Frances Cleveland

CHRISTMAS SHOPPING AT KAERU STUDIO December 8th, Saturday 10:00 – 4:00 pm

Are you looking for that unique gift for your teacher, employees, employer, special friend, or family member? Well, please come and check out the many unusual gifts at Kaeru Studio’s Store. Kaeru Studio features FrogWorks’ products as well as beautiful works by local artists.

Root Woman

Root Woman

Root Woman

Root Woman

Root Women

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