Spring 2008

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Hi everyone! We are now entering the months of spring. Spring officially starts on the vernal equinox, which falls on March 20 this year, so take advantage of this time of renewal and refreshment to rekindle old friendships and make new ones. In our spring celebration, we spotlight Mandarin as this month’s Plant Feature and we feature the Vernal Equinox in our What Is column. Receive 10% off this Spring issue’s featured products for animals and humans.

Our class list for 2008 is now listed on our website. A partial list is below.

Thank you all for continuing to support Kaeru Studio and FrogWorks and for sharing it with your friends. We truly appreciate your interest in and satisfaction with our classes, our products and our unique and beneficial consultations.

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What Is

Equine Remedy
Facial Mist

Facial Mist
A great product to refresh with after you have been gardening or working out. This product helps to replenish your skin and your overall vitality.

Pete’s Equine Remedy 16oz bottle
This fantastic remedy is the solution to your horse’s skin problems and also helps to promote hair growth.
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Silver Fir Needle

Mandarin - Citrus reticulata

This small evergreen tree with glossy leaves has sweet fragrant flowers and bears a fleshy fruit. This plant is native to southern China and was brought first to Europe in 1805 and then to the United States 40 years later, where it was renamed the tangerine. Today the mandarin is produced mainly in Italy, Spain, Algeria, Cyprus and Greece, while the tangerine grows in Texas, Florida, California and Guinea.

The essential oil is produced by cold expression of the outer peel. This yellowy-orange essential oil has an uplifting quality and often helps to banish depression and anxiety. It is a tonic to the digestive system and calms the intestines. Mandarin oil stimulates the liver, which helps to regulate metabolic processes, and aids in the secretion of bile and the breaking down of fats. This delicious-smelling oil has a revitalizing and strengthening effect.

This is general information regarding Mandarin essential oil. We encourage you to learn more about this oil through research and see how it can benefit your life. You can purchase essential oils through FrogWorks. (Essential oils are not on our website, although they will be soon, but for now, please call or email to order.)


Winter Solstice

This year the vernal equinox is celebrated on March 20th. In the northern hemisphere, the vernal equinox represents the rebirth of the land upon which our food supplies will be restored and brings the promise of warmer weather. On this day, day and night are of equal length; the word equinox means “equal night,” and, vernal derives from the Latin word vernare, which means “to bloom.” Thus, the very word embodies the notions of balance and blossoming that are so prevalent in the natural world during spring.

Several cultures consider this time as the start of the New Year and many festivals are conducted to celebrate new life and fresh beginnings. In Greek mythology the idea of rebirth is represented by the return of Persephone, goddess of the earth, from the underworld to the light of day. To the Greeks, her reemergence represented the resurrection of new life in the spring. Enjoy the return of warmer days and the blooming of plants by preparing your personal garden for its rebirth.

“Earth, teach me regeneration, as the seed which rises in the spring.”

Modern Ute Prayer

All FrogWorks' classes & events are held at Kaeru Studio - A Place to Rejuvenate. Kaeru Studio is an intimate, early 1900s building nestled between Roxborough State Park and Sharp Tail Ridge Open Space. This quiet location has rooms available for anyone interested in renting space to practice massage, acupuncture, yoga, and other healing arts or for evening and weekend workshops. It is also the home of FrogWorks, Inc.

It Really Is “Easy” Being Green
April 12th, Saturday 10:00 – 1:00 pm

Do the phrases “Global Warming,” “Organic” or “Sustainable Living” leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed? They don’t have to. We invite you to come and learn about all the simple, fun and affordable ways you can live a “greener life.” We only have one earth, so let’s do what we can to leave it a better place for future generations. It’s easier than you think!

"Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children." – Ancient Indian Proverb

Cost: $15.00 (materials fee) with Frances Cleveland and Lauren Wallace

Crossing the Bridge: Healing through the loss of an animal companion
May 3rd, Saturday 10:00 – 4:00 pm

The loss of an animal companion can be one of the most painful and difficult experiences that we face. The emotion of grief is a normal response to loss; however, the loss of an animal is often not given the same attention or significance as the loss of a human in our society. In this workshop we will hold space for the process of grief and honor the special bond you shared with your animal.

Grief can move, shift and transform us, if it is not repressed or denied. This workshop, set near beautiful Roxborough Park, will use a holistic approach to help move the energy of this emotion while attending to mind, body and spirit. Guided by international aromatherapist and herbalist Frances Cleveland and deep-listening coach Janet Fiorenzo, you will:

  • Experience the power of ancient healing essential oils, plants and ceremony and learn how to use them for your personal situation
  • Learn to be fully present in this experience through mindful listening, reflection and writing exercises (assisted by Reiki Master/trainer Shelley Sheets)
  • Share wisdom from our spirits and from our connections with our beloved animals (assisted by animal communicator Rebecca Blackbyrd)
  • Create a memorial in remembrance
  • Celebrate the lives of our special friends

Cost: $80.00 (includes lunch and materials)
With: Frances Cleveland & Janet Fiorenzo

Let’s Make Lotions and Potions: Using Essential Oils and Plants
May 20th, Tuesday 6:00 – 9:00 pm

In this class you will have the opportunity to make enriching hand creams, lip balms, room sprays, bath salts and more. You will deepen your knowledge of essential oils and plants. Learn about surfactants and how to give your products a longer shelf life. Discover the beauty of creating blends with essential oils by considering their top, middle and base notes. This fun class teaches you blending skills and gives you ideas to create for yourself and your friends. Some knowledge of essential oils prior to class is helpful.

Cost: $75.00 with Frances Cleveland (All materials provided)

Cooking with Herbs
June 28th, Saturday
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Come and learn about cooking with herbs. Learn how to make sage pizza, baked fennel, roasted rosemary and garlic potatoes, and more. This class will be a lot of fun and everyone will have a chance to do some hands-on cooking. Bring your cooking talents, favorite apron and cooking tips with you. At the end of class we will eat the bounty we have created.

Cost:$40.00 with Frances Cleveland

The Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage (RMSAAM) offers state-licensed, occupational programs in large and small animal acupressure and massage. Programs include Canine Sports Massage, Canine Therapeutic Massage, Equine Sports Massage, and Large and Small Animal Acupressure. For a full schedule of their 2008 series, held at Kaeru Studio, go to RMSAAM.com

For a complete calendar list of events and classes or to register on-line go to www.ffrogworks.com

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